Give Back…It’s Good for Business

Does charity belong in the workplace? People have a variety of opinions. Some businesses simply can’t justify giving to charity when they’re fighting just to break even.  Some businesses choose to limit charitable giving strictly to their personal lives, while others support various causes.  What’s the right approach?

Honestly, there’s no definitive right answer—it really depends on what’s the right fit for your company, what you believe in and, frankly, what you can afford. Additionally, it can serve as a rallying point for your customers and employees.  Events such as a charitable gala or a 5K walk can be a better investment than taking customers on an outing or to a sporting event.  There’s less of a distraction and you’ll have time to connect with people to get some insight about what they’re all about while they can see how you run your business.

Social responsibilities are also a great way to create a driving culture within a company.  Acts of service unite people in a way you don’t always see in the workplace. This is especially true for small businesses. Everyone is wearing so many hats and working so hard, charitable drives offer an opportunity to learn more about your employees, and for them to learn more about you. There’s nothing wrong with being somewhat sentimental—it showcases a human side to you and your business, allows you to make new connections, and gives you and your employees a new way to grow by uniting for a common cause outside yourselves.