Engagement Management Program

IDR created the Engagement Management Program so our Consultants have opportunities for growth, success, and excellence. We believe in going all in and are committed to providing exceptional service in hopes of enriching your lives. Our ultimate goal is to establish and maintain meaningful long-term relationships with all our Consultants. We do this by constantly communicating and supporting you in the following ways:

    • Assignment Preparation:  We start engaging with you even before your first day in your new role. We make sure to set expectations and provide you with any information you may need for your first day and the duration of your assignment. We believe in setting up our Consultants for success and want to give you all the tools you need to be successful.
    • Ongoing Support: We believe constant communication is key to building long-term partnerships; therefore your Engagement Managers will reach out several times throughout your contract. We will provide you with open and honest feedback from your managers so you can know your strengths and areas for improvement. We also like to get some face-to-face time with you every once in a while so plan on us stopping by or taking you for a quick lunch.
    • Long-Term Partnership:  The close relationships we’ve built with our Clients allow us to work with them at the end of your assignment to determine the state of your contract. We’ll communicate to you if an extension is likely or provide you with the expected date of completion. Even after your assignment, you will always be a part of the IDR family. We will stay connected with you and continue to support your career! Our deep relationships with Clients ranging from startups to the Fortune 500 allow us to re-engage our hard-working Consultants again and again.
    • Re-Engagement Program
      It can be a difficult process to decide what your next step should be when your contract is coming to an end. Our Engagement Management Program gives you the opportunity to explore re-engagement options for your next desired role. At IDR, we value our consultants and want to continue to support their goals and career development. We will provide you with insight on the current marketplace, networking, and updating your resume. IDR’s resources and exceptional service can help put you well on your way to landing that perfect opportunity.

Meet Our Engagement Managers