Do weekends seem like they fly and leave you feeling like you didn’t get anything done? Even worse– you don’t feel refreshed either? You aren’t alone. And for that reason, we’re talking about some ways that could help you avoid those feelings, and maximize the 60+ hours you get to yourself each week.

Make a plan. Even if what you really want to do is rest– plan to do that. How are you going to rest? When there is no plan it becomes really easy to get pulled into things you didn’t intend to do because you feel you have no good reason to not do them.

Leave margin. Make a plan, yes. But don’t stuff these days full like you would during the week. Richness is found in having margin. So leave space for creativity and spontaneity– go volunteer, talk to a neighbor, write a letter, try a new recipe.

Be active. Use this time to make yourself better, to grow. Physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually. Spend some time stretching yourself.

Put work on hold. You’re driven. We get it. And while saying that you shouldn’t work at all on the weekend would probably seem like an impossible suggestion, do limit it. That may fall back into the planning piece. Plan a time of day when you can open email and work on work. But, especially if you are part of a family, make sure that you use this time to recharge your relationships and invest time with the people that matter the most.

Dream. Take some time in your time off to dream about things outside of your day-to-day life. Set goals for what you want your next few months to look like, your next year, next five years. Write these things down and start making steps in the direction of living out the things that your heart is burning to do. This might be travel, personal projects, learning a new skill, a family experience, etc. Make sure you aren’t getting drown in the rat race.

These are simply a few suggestions, many of which you’ve probably already thought about or even done. The trick is making them habits a being intentional about making your weekends count. After all, that time is yours and you aren’t getting is back once it’s gone. Here’s to making the most of it!