How are you tapping into your candidates in inventive ways to ensure you get the best talent?

Many of you may have seen or heard about this billboard which was found on 101 in Silicon Valley a few years back. So why are we talking about a 7-year-old billboard?

This was used a recruiting tool for Google. If you could figure out the equation, you were led to a website where you could solve even more complicated problems. Solve those? Get hired by Google. Talk about finding an inventive way to find the brightest talent.

Anyone can send in a resume saying what they can bring to the table. But actions speak louder than words. This was a inventive way for Google to tap into those actions. Plus, if you know an engineer, you know they get totally geeked out over math problems they don’t know the answer to.

Stepping out of the box may be scary, but the results may be game-changing.