Credible Leadership Curriculum

After our Leadership 500 honor, many people have asked for more information on our leadership development program. For the next two weeks we are going to spend some time going through how IDR operates, and why Leadership Excellence magazine awarded us on their Leadership 500 results.

When developing any program it is important to insure the credibility of the curriculum. Today we will be looking at how credible our content is and how well developed it is for internal and external use:

We believe the books that we read are written by very credible individuals.  Some of the books in our library include 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Principle Centered Leadership, The Corporate Athlete, Total Money Makeover, The Why of Work, Crucial Conversations, and so on.  Each of our offices has shelves with copies of our books for any employee to take and keep for their own use.  Understanding that there are principles and that they cannot be broken, whether they deal with personal finances, relationships, leadership, etc.  We try to make our employees aware of those principles and aware of themselves, so they know how they have handled situations in the past and allow them to choose how they will approach them in the future.

Every week the employees in the Leadership Development program and anyone else who wants to participate, get together to discuss a chapter from the book that is being read at that time.  We discuss what we thought of the material, how it relates our past, how it relates to our present, and how we can implement it into our own lives, if we haven’t already.  It gives our employees a chance to hear other perspectives and to think about topics and ideas from a different point of view.

We believe our employees are using the information to provide better service to our clients.  We have found that our customers do believe that we are honest, and will do what it takes to fix a situation without compromising our values or integrity.  By demonstrating that we are trustworthy, we are able to gain or keep their business, and we believe that makes an impact on those managers personally.