There are changes coming here on the IDR blog!  We are going to become hyper focused in 2011 on providing our readers with valuable content around how to attract and repel the right talent.  We are implementing these changes in our organization and can’t wait to share our insights with you.  Put this on your reading list for the holidays:

Lizz Pellet’s book “The Cultural Fit Factor” is a MUST read if you are serious about getting your company ready for growth.  As the economy continues to rebound you need to make sure your hiring practices will weed out those who don’t fit before they even get a resume on your desk.  This is not a difficult book to read from a length perspective, but it will mess you up from a content perspective.  Part of playing to win here at IDR is making sure we have the right team members on board.  We have begun to implement the Cultural Fit Factor in our company and have really enjoyed the results.

So, read this book between now and January 3, 2011.  And get ready to take back control of your hiring process.