So Your Top Tech Candidate Got a Counteroffer. What Next?

So Your Top Tech Candidate Got a Counteroffer. What Next? You just discovered, interviewed, and extended a job offer to an exceptional IT candidate. And like […]

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Denver IT Consultants

How to Snag the Best Denver IT Consultants

Not many cities can truthfully claim to have grown as much as Denver in 2018. In a year’s time, innovative tech companies have locked down more […]

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Eye on the IT Job Market in Dallas in 2015

Home of the Cowboys and famous for its authentic Tex-Mex cuisine, Dallas, TX, is rated the 2nd fastest growing city in the US. The city is […]

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The 5 Biggest Technology Trends of 2015

With 2015 right around the corner, it’s important you make sure that you and your technology department are ready for the New Year.  Last year, we […]

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retain your IT talent

5 Steps to Retain Your IT Talent

In today’s technology field, a low unemployment rate and lack of quality talent in the market is making hiring difficult. IT professionals are constantly getting calls […]

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The Current State of the IT Market In Nashville

When you think about Nashville, TN your first thought is probably country music and the Grand Ole Opry.  While these are staples in this great town, […]

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The 6 Ways to Ensure You’re Getting the Best IT Talent

Chances are, you’re finding it more and more difficult to find IT talent today.  Just a few short years ago if you extended an offer to […]

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The 9 Best Job Search Apps for IT Professionals

It’s no longer realistic to expect someone to search for a job behind their computer screen – especially as an IT professional.  Mobile phones and tablets […]

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The 6 Best Paying IT Jobs of 2014

It’s a great time to be an IT consultant!  The demand for technology professionals is increasing year after year, the unemployment rate is only 3.5% ( […]

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