Last week, three members of our Nashville office attended an etiquette dinner as part of a specific sales class. Danny, Anna and Brandon practiced their manners and how to behave on business luncheons and dinners.

When this etiquette dinner has come up around the office, or in other professional settings many have wondered why we take the time to send our team to such events. Does this mean Danny, Anna and Brandon have bad manners, or do not know how to behave in a professional setting? Absolutely not! Our teams around the nation have wonderful manners, and all know how to interact with clients and peers professionally.

We promote these classes to better our team. Greatness takes work, and we understand that. We also know to fill our full potential sometimes we have to work to polish the skills we think are, “fine.” By taking classes for something seemingly basic, we make sure we stay on top of our game- in every part of the business. Many have, “fine” business etiquette. At IDR we want to have perfect business etiquette.

A little dinner etiquette for the rest of you