Apple’s Secret Recipe

Apple, a brand recognized worldwide. It’s a status symbol for some and necessity for others. But, how has Apple grown to become a leader in the technology arena?

There are hundreds of laptops, phones, and tablets in stores today. So what makes Apple so special? What makes customers stand in line for hours, waiting in anticipation for the latest that the brand has to offer? Yes, there are certain upgrades in software that you receive in buying an Apple product but other brands offer comparable software, allowing users to accomplish the same tasks.

“People don’t just want to buy personal computers anymore. They want to know what they can do with them and we’re going to show them exactly that.” Speaking these words, Steve Jobs began an empire that Carmine Gallo, writer for, describes as revolutionizing the market.

The secret ingredient for Apple is their customer service. Early on, Apply understood that they can load their products with the latest and greatest in technology, but the general consumer does not know how to utilize all that unless taught.

Apple One to One. Described on, “One to One will help you do more than you ever thought possible with your new Mac. First, we’ll set up your email, transfer your photos, music, and other files, and show you how to keep everything in sync with iCloud. Then, we’ll work with you to create a curriculum tailored to your goals, learning style, and experience level.” For $99 at the point of purchase, Apple will guide you through the puzzling technology through a yearlong set of personal classes.

The aspect of Apple One to One that revolutionizes their customer service is that “the One to One program was created for one purpose: to build a customer for life. It’s based on a simple premise—the more a customer understands and appreciates a product, the more likely they are to make a deeper, emotional connection with that product, and to return or to recommend the product/service to a friend. The membership program is Apple’s secret loyalty program—customers shop at the Apple Store but they return to learn.”

So, how can we take what Apple has mastered and incorporate it into our career? Or, even more monumental, how can we implement it in our everyday interactions? Where do you need to focus in and have a personal One to One?