Recently IDR had the honor of being named one of the top leadership development programs by Leadership Excellence magazine. IDR was ranked number 11 out of 72 small to midsized organizations.

Directly from the magazine, rankings are based on seven criteria:

1. Vision/mission. Are these statements linked to business strategy and outcomes, and meaningful to participants?

2. Design, content, and curriculum. How well designed is the program model? How credible is the content? How relevant is the curriculum? How customized is the program?

3. Involvement and participation. How broad is the involvement and how deep the participation?

4. Measurement and accountability. What ROI measures are made and reported and to what degree is accountability for performance and results part of the program?

5. Presenters, presentations, and delivery. What are the qualifications of the presenters, how effective are their presentations, and how is the program delivered?

6. Take-home value. What do participants take away and apply to improve themselves, their families, teams, and volunteer work?

7. Outreach. What is the impact of the program on all stakeholders? Does the program and its participants benefit a broader community?

We are both excited and humbled by this award. Moving forward we hope to grow and develop our leadership program to be even more beneficial for our employees and those impacted by them!

Beginning next week we will be taking sometime to dissect these criteria and looking at how they relate to our program. Be sure to check back to get all the information on our program!