Alumni Connections

May May Cates
Account Manager | Auburn Alumni
I believe the networking I did at Auburn really set me up for success. It is a place where you instantly feel like family and there are always people that want to help you and want to see you succeed. Auburn is family. Even after college I have noticed some of my best most valuable connections in the working world have come from past Auburn graduates. War Damn!

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Haleigh Shumate
Senior Recruiter | Auburn Alumni
In college most people are put in the position to form relationships with diverse groups of people. I happened to form relationships with people who were very passionate about things differently than myself. I think what drove me to work with IDR is the fact that each individual in the company shares the same passion about IDR. I believe that is what makes our culture here unique from other companies.

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Mimi Thomas
Recruiter | Alabama Alumni
College taught me how important discipline and work ethic is, especially with having a part-time job in college. It helped me learn to prioritize and balance my time.

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Ashley Brickman
Engagement Manager | UNC Greensboro
Being a college athlete, I learned how to handle multitasking, prioritizing and being disciplined. All these characteristics have helped me throughout my career at IDR.

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Nathan Pool
Recruiter | Texas Tech Alumni
Many experiences in my college career have influenced my career at IDR. Texas Tech always provided a great social environment. From football games, to tailgates, to any kind of social event thrown by the university, there was always a culture that provided plenty of opportunities to meet others and communicate with your peers. Being thrown into those types of situations definitely helped me learn how to deal with people and learn how other people think and work. This job at IDR is all about dealing with people, so I am thankful to have learned some great life lessons and behavioral habits while at Texas Tech University.

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Austin Anderson
Recruiter | Texas Tech Alumni
My college experience was a major influence on my career at IDR. My freshman year of college I was on the school’s baseball team. This made me learn discipline and made me realize quickly how to adjust to major changes in my life. Just like starting at IDR after college for my first “real world” job, leaving high school to play college baseball was a big culture change. I then transferred to Texas Tech were I was in a fraternity. These experiences have helped me at IDR by realizing that you have to earn something in order to achieve a goal. Hard work and dedication in college have definitely been a big influence on me as I have made the transition to IDR.

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Danny Roberge
Branch Manager | MTSU Alumni
College caused me to get out of my shell and meet new people. The ability to talk to a stranger and be comfortable in your own skin is priceless. In every class, I would make it a point to meet 5 new people a week until I knew everyone. You would be surprised what knowing people can do for you!

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Anna Burton
Recruiting Manager | MTSU Alumni
My college experience shaped my career by showing me the benefits of a career in sales and the confidence to do so. MTSU offered so many experiential learning opportunities to really see and feel what different career paths have to offer. Specifically, taking Personal Selling really sparked my interest in pursuing sales after college and I found out about IDR through Lightning JobSource.

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Nic Pena
Account Manager | Oklahoma State University
My college experiences prepared me very well for my career at IDR. At IDR, I was given the opportunity to run and operate my own business. The only differences between IDR and college are: I have the support of a team to help me, and we make a ton of money doing it! In college, I also had the opportunity build relationships with all different kinds of people and personalities. In my career with IDR, I do just this – build relationships with as many people as I can. I have learned not to sell to my clients, but to serve them. A large part of serving my clients is learning how to meet and exceed their expectations.

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Alex Weaver
Recruiter | Texas Tech Alumni
The sorority and other organizations I was a part of in college helped me become a young professional and prepared me to effectively communicate with leaders throughout the organization as well as outside clients.

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Jessica West
Recruiting Manager | Alabama Alumni
I worked in advertising sales for 3 years in college for my school’s campus newspaper. In this role I gained valuable sales experience and formed relationships with other students/sales reps that I later referred and brought on board to the IDR team along with me!

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Brooke Hohman
Corporate Event Planner | College of Charleston
Brooke Hohman, Corporate Event Planner at IDR graduated from the College of Charleston in 2012. She studied International Business, Marketing and Supply Chain Management with a minor in Italian studies. Brooke completed two internships, one with an event planning company and a second as a marketing intern with Benefitfocus. These experiences provided Brooke with an insight on corporate communications, cold calling, pipelining for marketing reps and marketing outreach. Throughout her experiences, Brooke recognized the importance of staying connected with your clients, colleagues and supervisors. In 2014, Brooke started her career at IDR as a recruiter in the Atlanta office. Since then, her position has evolved into the Corporate Event Planner where she is responsible for a multitude of IDR events including IDR holiday retreats, training weeks, IDR Best of Staffing celebrations, annual recruiting and sales trip, IDR spring summit, inaugural Elevate 2016 Speaker Series as well as management and leadership meetings. In addition to planning, cultivating and hosting events, Brooke provides operational support across all three branches.

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Alison Kissinger
Nashville Branch Coordinator | Indiana University
Alison Kissinger, Nashville Branch Coordinator, graduated from Indiana University in 2014. She studied Public Relations with a concentration in Sports PR. Ali has grown professionally and personally through her involvements with several organizations on campus and off. Her extracurricular range from Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity, to being the President of Relay for Life. In addition, Ali was the assistant to the Director of Football Operations. Through these activities and experiences she learned how to present herself professionally, communicate appropriately and effectively as well as foster relationships with individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Ali completed an internship with the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their Public Relations Department. She is an advocate for completing internships during ones college career, claiming that her personal experience in an internship taught her more about her field than her years spent in the classroom. The hands-on approach opened doors for her, allowing her to be Gerald McCoy’s personal PR associate during the draft. Fun fact: Ali has worked the Super Bowl. Ali joined the IDR family in April 2015. As the Branch Coordinator, she leads branch activity from an operational standpoint, assist in the organization and execution of IDR corporate events and manifests an atmosphere that reflects the IDR culture on top of office management activities. Ali finds running as an escape, which is why she is training for a half marathon. Aside from running and working Ali is jet setting to visit family and friends!

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Kelsey Johnson
Dallas Branch Coordinator | Texas Tech
During my time with Alpha Phi I learned a lot about leadership and all the respect you have to give in order to receive it, team work and how putting heads together will usually always solve a problem more efficiently, giving back and how important that is, and overall it taught how to be a part of something bigger than just Kelsey, I had an organization to represent wherever I was and that was something I took pride in and wanted to protect our name and brand!

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